Riding through and around weather, weathering communication

Considering we’re at a campsite in the photo, it would seem we might be getting some hiking in too. But we’re actually just riding moto for a few days. A friend keeps contacting me to plan rides, which leaves little time for making backpacking plans. But when at camp, it’s the same acoustics and smells … More Riding through and around weather, weathering communication

Hikes and Rides

Being homebound during the week got me out for the weekend. Yesterday was for a big loop ride. Rode all day, and even stopped for a break for a short hike to catch-up with a friend south of home. But just after Redmond, I had to stop for a shot of these senior members of … More Hikes and Rides

In the greenery

I did get out recently for time among the trees and critters. This time of resurgence of people heading to the accessible and established trails has me finding little used areas near them. Walking in them offers something peaceful contrasting with goings on in the city. My neighborhood is about the same, but downtown isn’t. … More In the greenery