Wildlife and commerce

I hiked a great park just across the river in Vancouver (WA). Adjacent to a managed wildlife area. A cool day for sure when heading out. A view from the car while it warmed up: The whole area is nice. I’d biked up here before, but hadn’t been north of the park facilities. It’s a … More Wildlife and commerce


Recent in-town walking was nice…

Recent in-town walking was nice in the unusually low temperatures. Especially among some large firs in the neighborhood: And the occasional parkside train. I wish it were required that tracks had passenger depots at railside parks and that passenger cars be mixed with non-hazardous freight cars: https://photos.smugmug.com/photos/i-wb9QJtD/0/8e16a6f9/1280/i-wb9QJtD-1280.mp4 This cool weather was recent, leading up to … More Recent in-town walking was nice…

Small town trailhead

Small towns are a nice break from the city. I like how universal the desire is for coffee shops, cafes and such. It’s like the city minus visible impoverishment and music venues. I met a friend who lives in that area for breakfast. She had to start work afterwards. The drive out: just continue straight … More Small town trailhead

Riding through and around weather, weathering communication

Considering we’re at a campsite in the photo, it would seem we might be getting some hiking in too. But we’re actually just riding moto for a few days. A friend keeps contacting me to plan rides, which leaves little time for making backpacking plans. But when at camp, it’s the same acoustics and smells … More Riding through and around weather, weathering communication

My refurbished shoulder and second-hand third eye

All the outdoor time has been on two bicycle wheels. Pavement. Nothing slick. Limited still by the healing shoulder, and limiting my outdoor fun to the permission from the physician. Crossing the river into the evergreen state: Walking the neighborhood as well. This is just great — the third big mac attack in the neighborhood … More My refurbished shoulder and second-hand third eye

Winter sling and the relationship between things

My arm’s been in a sling since mid December for post-op healing. A steep enough switchback, worn hiking treads, muddy conditions. That was the simple recipe. Done at 98.6 degrees for exactly one split second to the undesired tenderness. The silver lining has been the time off work, reading books I’d been meaning to pick … More Winter sling and the relationship between things