Slushy snow and perfect pizza

A jaunt up Wind River Rd. was fun. It’s a different world here in January. Normally I pass through in summer weather on motorcycle. This time of year the roads are slushy at this elevation. There was, however, plenty of snow cover in a condition/texture fine for snowshoeing (but not for skiing). I think the climate in NW Ore. and SW WA is fine for snowshoeing. For XC skiing, it’s always a bit too slushy because temperatures are always hovering right around freezing at elevation for much of the winter it seems. As a skier, I did not think I’d enjoy snowshoeing thoroughly. But it’s really good woods time, actually. I just have to be in the hiking mindset instead of winter sports mindset.

We were standing slightly downstream of some falls. For some reason, I didn’t just walk a little further for it to be in view for photos. I stopped here:

We stopped at a new (just new management) pizza place on the way home. It is even better than it was under previous management, according to my pizza connoisseur friend, who already liked the place. Delicious and inexpensive personal pizzas making a perfect meal. A ubiquitous sports bar/pizza joint with simply excellent pies. I’ll be back. Half the reason for outdoor time is the food stops.

I think we were within Gifford Pinchot NF for the snowshoeing even though the area was managed by State Parks. I may have the land boundaries wrong though. I don’t know why I didn’t think of photographing more on this excursion, or at least take some shots of the bar; I must have been hungry. Anyway, I must return to this part of the NF for backpacking season, during which, of course, the pizza place will also be open.


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