Wilderness and Burger Baskets

Another hop to the woods. I tend to schedule my hiking and other exercise around locations of diners. I like other types of restaurants too, but seem to have really narrowed in on diners recently. And burger joints. This may be because I don’t hike and bike for exercise, but for experiencing through senses, which includes experiencing restaurants. I went south for woods time. Good things about heading south are 1) a certain burger joint is in Springfield, and 2) I pass by my friend’s house, and so stop to rid myself of pruning wood that’s too big for the wood chipper. Some of my yard waste is his wood heat. But the burger joint turned out to be closed; limited pandemic hours. I had vague memory of another traditional looking restaurant slightly west and grabbed a lunch counter seat there. Was a really good veggie burger basket I had.Enjoyed the place, stained ceiling and all. Nice folks running the place and patronizing it.It is interesting how pandemic reaction/restriction falls along party lines, political lines. In hipster-capitalist Portland, there are still signs saying “No mask, no service”, whereas if you go outside the metro area, people who always hated the restrictions are practicing none of it, but in line with current State recommendations. The State recommendations/restrictions/lifting of restrictions just kind of moved in the space between the party lines, but were based mainly on health science and a little on politics. I notice that now that the state has reached a 70% vaccination rate and lifted all statewide restrictions, it is nearly silent on the fact that rates of infection and deaths remain unchanged. Just the numbers are unchanged; the demographic is different in that it’s now anti-vaccine folks who are being hospitalized and dying. So perhaps the State’s silence on the numbers just means, as a statement to anti-vacciners, “enjoy your freedom”. Anyway, the diner is in Eugene’s kind of twin city, Springfield. My guess is that in hippie-socialist, anarchist Eugene, “No mask, no service” signs would have still been up. Whereas conservative Springfield was back to pre-pandemic lifestyle.

Even though my politics align more with the left end of the spectrum, I actually more enjoy the company of conservatives, despite the fact that I strongly disagree with some of their politics and values. Just such nice people that I meet and interact with in conservative towns. I really wish the left and the right would interact more; there’s a lot in common between the two despite differences.

The trail was a bit desolate-looking from fire damage. I don’t know how old the damage was. There was a certain beauty to it. Not beauty, but an interesting aesthetic that made me snap photos.The north side of the lake had no tree canopy, so was a bit hot for me from that summer sun. It was nice to see the lake again.Further west I was under the comfort of tree canopy again, but mosquitos were much worse and afforded absolutely no opportunity for picture taking. So unprepared for them I was, that I turned a 3-day wilderness trip into a day hike. I will return in the chilly fall, by which time the Springfield burger joint will likely have returned to normal hours.

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