I do kind of miss my bike commute. I don’t recall my bike having cobwebs before. And good lord, those arachnids are ambitious builders. But this recent switch to work-at-home has its advantages. I miss biking daily, but I have almost two extra hours every weekday now. It’s more quiet, slow-paced outdoor time, be it getting more familiar with my yard or walking into woods, which isn’t that far from my neighborhood. And early walks into the woods are so quiet they’re like being in remote parts of the coastal range or cascades. These nearby woods are in hills that are actually an offshoot of the coastal range geologically, but are an urban park in ownership. And now that I don’t go to the worksite daily I also get to see my neighborhood early in the morning, a coffee walk before the agreed-to work hours start. And I do understand I’m fortunate to be working still so far.

For now, to resume biking I’d have to switch to off-road. Get the mountain bike sprockets spinning again. I’ve just no interest riding on pavement. And just urban walking is a welcome change right now.


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